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Thanks for wanting to know more about me :)


I am a 22 year old graduate from Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

I previously attended Mississippi College in the city of Clinton where I studied Entrepreneurship


I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where I grew my eccentric tastes and southern charm. I began exploring my personal style when I moved away for college and discovered the magic of thrift stores. I've since curated a wardrobe full of statement pieces and timeless styles using sustainable fashion. My passion for self expression inspired me to create outlets for others to do the same - I am the co-founder of F/Stop 504, a non-profit collective that hosts themed photo events to bring creatives together. We also facilitate clothing swaps and workshops to highlight inclusivity in the industry.


In May 2020, I officially decided to pursue modeling and styling. I began by reaching out to old friends from high school and asking if I could style them and take pictures with my iPhone.


 I returned to campus after quarantine with a fire in me to pursue my creativity. Experimenting with outfits in small-town Mississippi gave me the bravery to not care what people think. It wasn't until December of 2020 when I discovered the Jxn Photowalk that I had an official photoshoot. I attended the 'Blazers & Suits" theme in a lime green and blue ensemble (you couldn't miss it, and that was the point). After that day, I discovered so many creatives in the city and the photoshoots flowed into my life. I am forever grateful for how much Jackson's creative community invested in me.

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